Acebeam X40 Search Light Torch Max 3500 Lumens 3 X CREE XM-L2 LED

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Acebeam X40 Search Light Torch  Max 3500 Lumens 3 X CREE XM-L2 LED

The Acebeam X40 is a top-of-class example of a 3x CREE XM-L2 LED emitter light, the continuously-variable ramp actually has a reasonable number
of discrete levels - with very good output/runtime efficiency and relatively flat regulation.

-Integrated cool fins design provide better cooling
-Smooth polished reflector creates maximum throw
-Aircraft grade aluminum, mil-spec hard anodized for maximum wear
-Large cooper heat sink pad for superior thermal conductivity
-Magnetic ring control switch allows you to select desired output easily
-Mechanical reversed polarity protection design for battery carrier
-Intelligent highly efficient circuit board design for max performance and long run time
-Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating, which achieves a 98.3% light transmittance
    -LED: 3*Cree XM-L2 LED with a lifespan of 10+ years of run time
    -Max 3500lumens output (3x 18650 batteries)
    -Output (select by magnetic ring)
               Level 1: 0.9lms(600hrs)
               Infinite brightness mode: 70lms-3500lms
               Strobe:  3500lms(3.6hrs)
    -Working voltage: 4V - 13V
    -Max Runtime: 600 hours
    -Max beam distance: 435meters
    -Peak beam intensity: 47500cd
    -Impact resistant: 1.2meters
    -Waterproof : IPX-6 Standard 
    -Size: 181mm(length) x 68mm(head diameter)*49mm(tube diameter)
    -Weight: 520g(without batteries)
    -Aircraft grade aluminum body structure
    -Premium type III hard anodized anti-reflective coating

    Accessories include:

      -1x user manual
      -1x lanyard
      -1x holster
      -1x USB charging cord
      -1x car charger (including USB interface)
      -1x Replacement O - ring and Tailcapgummi
      -1x AC/DC adapter (including USB interface)


      Regarding Charging:

      • Input : 5V DC Output : 4.2V DC/500MA *3 MAX
      • Charging time: depend on the capacity of the batteries, Charging time = battery capacity/500mA + 0.5 hour

        1: For rechargeable lithium battery, there are inevitable differences in the production process, which determine charge a single lithium battery each time is safest way.

        2: For most direct charging flashlights in the market, the batteries are charged in series with a constant voltage of 12.6V, if any one of the three battery break down, this 12.6V constant voltage will be diverted to the remaining two batteries , which may caused cause explosion due to overheating.

        3.Acebeam X40 flashlight have figured out a safe a charging solution for direct charging flashlights with innovative design on the circuit, which solve the potential safety problem of traditional direct charging flashlight:

        a: On the basis of not changing the structure of the battery carrier to supply power in series, through internal intelligent electronic switches, the flashlight can automatically convert the serial circuit into parallel charging state when a charging process is detected, three batteries will be charged in parallel at constant voltage 4.2V (accuracy of 1%), and single battery at 0.5A constant current.

        b: Acebeam  X40 have the overheat automatic adjustment function, when it detects that any of the batteries is faulty, it will automatically stop charge the faulty battery .

        4, In the structure, Acebeam X40 use a unique suction magnetic charging interface, which will disconnect automatically under external force to ensure safety

         Acebeam  X40 stays on the cutting edge of technology with the latest Cree XM-l2 LED combined with a safe and very convenient contact-charging method achieved by automatic magnetic force.


      Regarding Storage:

      • If you do not use the flashlight for a long time , please take the batteries out of the flashlight, in order to avoid batteries leaking and damaging the flashlight.
      • If you store the rechargeable batteries for a long time, we suggest you conduct a charging-discharging operation every there months, so as to extend the lifetime of batteries.
      • Please do not use metal objects to contact the positive and negative electrode of the USB charging line to avoid short circuit and damage the charging device